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Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Turn your data into high-fidelity threat intelligence. ThreatConnect TIP is a single platform that centralizes the aggregation and management of all the threat data that’s relevant to your security program. It normalizes data, enriches it with additional context, and automates manual threat intelligence-related security processes, providing a full view of the current threat landscape.

From reactive to proactive

From reactiveto proactive

Enable the rest of the security team to be proactive with high-fidelity threat intelligence. The ThreatConnect Platform helps anticipate threats, like ransomware and nation-states,targeting your enterprise, and it provides full visibility into the evolving threat landscape.

From fragmented data feeds to a single source of truth

From fragmented data feedsto a single source of truth

Normalize, consolidate, and deduplicate data from multiple data feeds, creating a single source of truth on one platform to inform decisions across the security team.

From ambiguous indicators to actionable insights

From ambiguous indicatorsto actionable insights

Prioritize indicators based on severity, relevance, and confidence ratings to inform decisions as the threat landscape evolves. Rapidly correlate data to understand relationships between pieces of information, and identify indicators that matter the most.

From manual tasks to playbook automation

From manual tasksto playbook automation

Standardize processes and workflows across the Intelligence Cycle and reduce workload to perform various functions, including data enrichment, malware analysis, and blocking actions.

Explore Key Platform Features

Collective Analytics Layer (CAL) ™

Enrich intelligence with real-time insights into threats and indicators, and leverage insights from the ThreatConnect user community around the globe.

CAL screenshot

Low Code Playbooks

Reduce the manual burden on analysts and save money with easy drag-and-drop automation. Standardize processes and workflows to improve consistency and increase efficiency.

Low Code Playbook screenshot

Threat Graph

Conduct powerful investigations and analyses of threat intelligence. Quickly explore, pivot, and gain insights to get a comprehensive picture of a threat. Discover new insights on threat actors and memorialize that knowledge directly on the Platform.

Threat Graph screenshot

Browser Extension

Instantly scan and identify relevant pieces of information from any web-based resource with a simple click of a button. Quickly add what you currently know about an indicator to your threat library to aid in future analysis and investigation efforts.

Browser Extension screenshot

Robust Data Model

Normalize and enrich structured and unstructured data across disparate tools to view relationships between threat actors, campaigns, incidents, and other IOCs.

Robust Data Model screenshot

Report Cards

Contextualize your intel by viewing any OSINT feed’s performance on key dimensions like Reliability Rating, Unique Indicators, First Reported, and Scoring Disposition meant to help make better decisions during analysis and investigation.

Report Card screenshot

Dashboards and Reporting

Easily visualize data that shows the impact of your security efforts and gain a better understanding of the threats your organization faces. Build custom dashboards for better insights to meet your individual needs, whether as a security analyst or team leader.

Dashboard screenshot

Unite your security team and protect your enterprise

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