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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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ThreatConnect For Security Operations

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Datasheet on how ThreatConnect supports Security Operations

Security operations teams need to be efficient, responding to relevant threats fast, but without the right information and context about an alert, it’s difficult to know what to prioritize and how to respond. 

With the ThreatConnect Platform, you’re able to centralize your intelligence and automate tasks, processes, and playbooks to make teams more efficient, consistent, and effective. Automatically identify false positives so you can focus on triaging legitimate and potentially dangerous alerts and move away from manual, mundane tasks, like managing phishing emails, with ThreatConnect’s automation to respond faster and reduce risk in your environment. 

Maximize insights, efficiency, and team collaboration by operating out of a single platform with common workflows, automated tasks and processes, and built-in case management.

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