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ThreatConnect Threat Graph

Modern cyber attacks come at your Security Operations (SecOps) team from all directions, reinforcing the need for a robust tool to visualize, analyze and memorialize threat intelligence faster.

Perform powerful investigations in collaboration with your teammates using ThreatConnect’s Threat Graph visualization tool. Quickly explore, pivot, and gain insight into the connections between seemingly disparate intelligence and data points to get a comprehensive picture of a threat. Threat Graph is included within the ThreatConnect threat intelligence platform.

explore, pivot, and gain insight into connections between data icon

From disparate data points
to new insights

Easily eliminate the data silos and information gaps. Get meaningful and actionable knowledge where and when it matters most. ThreatConnect integrates with the threat intelligence feeds and security controls in your environment to aggregate data, add context and provide unparalleled transparency.

visualize relationships between groups, indicators, and cases icon

From poor visibility
to a comprehensive picture of the threat landscape

Rapidly visualize the relationships between groups, indicators, and cases across threat feeds in an interactive user interface. Gain the insights you need from a centralized source that turns threat data into an actionable threat intelligence graph to empower faster responses.

view and build upon findings together icon

From siloed work to collaborative investigations

Threat Graph also enables real-time visualization, so every team member can see impacts as they occur. Promote collaboration across security teams with ad-hoc reporting features that put the actionable data in the hands of the analysts that can take action.

ThreatConnect Advantages

Link analysis

Pivot between Groups and Indicators in ThreatConnect and our exclusive Collective Analytics Layer (CAL™) datasets to get a comprehensive picture of a threat. Gain faster intel into the connections between unique Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) like subdomains, host data, WHOIS registrations, and more. Our link analysis features clearly map relationships with lines between nodes based on the starting pivot point. You can click on any node in ThreatConnect Threat Graph that represents a case, IOC, group, or tag to analyze its contextual data in greater depth. Quickly and easily map a threat from beginning to end with granular visibility that helps your SecOps teams thoroughly analyze adversaries and their techniques.

ThreatConnect link analysis example

Explore associations

Visually explore the associations between Intrusion Sets, MITRE ATT&CK techniques, malware families, and the tools that they use. Threat Graph offers the capability to execute trigger-based Playbooks for existing IOCs, and export IOC data from CAL™ and enrichment feeds into the Platform. Organize multiple nodes sharing a known alias into compound Group nodes to enhance data value. Use the threat intelligence graph to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses by using only specific and relevant data points that reduce unnecessary noise.

ThreatConnect association visualization

Memorialize threat intel

Record knowledge on new insights directly in the Platform to leverage the memorialized data across analysts and teams for future investigations. You can also organize and retain valuable legacy knowledge by adding it to the ThreatConnect Platform. Our machine-learning capabilities help your company prepare to keep pace with an evolving threat landscape.

adding new threat to ThreatConnect platform

Seeing is believing. Change the dynamics of the playing field to gain advantage.

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Visualize associations with Threat Graph

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