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Unified Threat Library

Reduce complexity, eliminate false positives, and enable more effective detection and response. Easily aggregate, harmonize, and de-duplicate all your threat intel sources:  commercial, open source, community, and internally generated.

A single source of truth

Don’t waste time collecting and processing threat intelligence. Automate the collection, normalization, and enrichment of your disparate intelligence data sources in a unified repository and scale to meet your intelligence big data challenges.

Quickly integrate all of your of intel sources

Leverage pre-built apps for popular intel sources, native support for STIX and TAXII, and a robust API for custom integrations.

Optimize Your Intel Investments

Use feed performance and Report Cards to make defensible decisions on where to invest your threat intel budget.

Create a dynamic threat intelligence loop

Intelligence Anywhere makes it easy to capture and memorialize internally created intel back into your threat library.

Enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience with a unified threat library

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Put Threat Intelligence at the Core of your Cybersecurity

Threat intelligence is vital to helping you defend your organization. Learn more about Threat Intelligence-Powered Security.

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Bolster Your Defenses with a Unified Threat Library

Understand how a large energy and utilities organization transformed their cyber threat intel program.

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Buyer’s Guide for Threat Intelligence Operations

Learn why ThreatConnect is the modern threat intel platform to transform your CTI program.

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