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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Understand the Attacker and Take Action

ATT&CK Visualizer helps analysts understand attacker behaviors, visually showing their tactics and techniques across your threat intel.

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Go Past Tactical Intel to Understand Your Adversary

ATT&CK Visualizer equips analysts with the power to dissect and understand attacker behaviors, activity, and campaigns needed for operational intel creation.

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From Reactive Responses to Prescriptive Defense

Quickly identify adversary behaviors and tactics to efficiently analyze where to focus cyber defenses to stay ahead of threats.

identifying adversary behaviors and tactics

Streamline Collaboration Using MITRE ATT&CK

Foster stronger collaboration among security and management teams using the common language of the MITRE ATT&CK framework for understanding adversary behavior. Report and share adversary capabilities so teams can coordinate planning and organize defenses.

foster stronger collaboration among security and management teams

Understand Your Adversary, Increase Your Resilience

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From Tactical to Operational Intel

Evolve your focus from indicators to behaviors to make it harder on adversaries.

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Use ATT&CK to Your Advantage

Learn about the top 5 use cases for ATT&CK Visualizer.

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See ATT&CK Visualizer in Action

Explore the interactive demo to see how ATT&CK Visualizer helps you understand attacker behavior.

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See how ATT&CK Visualizer takes your intel program to the next level