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ATT&CK Visualizer

ThreatConnect’s ATT&CK Visualizer helps analysts understand attacker behaviors by visually showing their tactics and techniques. By leveraging MITRE ATT&CK, ThreatConnect can associate known threat actors with their preferred techniques, their activity prevalence, and insight into whether controls are sufficient.

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From Intel Overload to Comprehensive Insights

Leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, the ThreatConnect Platform provides the ability to maximize insights into adversary behavior and tactics. Our solution empowers threat intelligence analysts to enhance their understanding by visualizing how threat actors operate.

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From Reactive Responses to Prescriptive Defense

Efficient intelligence collection enables early threat detection. Beyond mere information display, ATT&CK Visualizer offers in-depth insights into adversary tactics, facilitating informed decision-making and revealing patterns among threat actors using similar techniques. Furthermore, understanding behaviors and mapping them to security controls allows for identifying gaps or over-investments, ensuring the precise level of coverage is applied.

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From Isolated Efforts to Unified Communication

The MITRE ATT&CK framework facilitates security and management teams through a unified language that addresses adversarial behaviors, enhancing the organization’s ability to plan and organize defenses against common adversary techniques. By leveraging ATT&CK Visualizer, analysts and leaders can have better conversations, leading to fewer misunderstandings and better outcomes.

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ThreatConnect Advantages

Accelerate Threat Detection

With ATT&CK Visualizer, threat intelligence analysts can quickly identify adversarial behaviors and tactics employed – through features like Threat Group Comparison and Technique Prevalence – analysts can gather evidence more efficiently. This speed and agility are crucial for staying ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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Empower Threat Intelligence Analysts

ATT&CK Visualizer equips threat intelligence analysts with a powerful tool to dissect and understand attack campaigns. Powerful features, including robust tagging functionality and custom views of TTPs.

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Streamline Collaboration

ATT&CK Visualizer fosters stronger collaboration among security and management teams. Based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, it provides a common language for understanding adversarial behaviors, as well as reporting and sharing capabilities, so teams can coordinate planning and organize defenses.

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