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Demonstrate Threat Intel ROI

Demonstrating and quantifying the value of threat intel can be difficult.  With the ThreatConnect TI Ops platform, you’ll go beyond simply managing feeds to truly operationalize your intel, enabling teams to demonstrate measurable ROI.

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Deliver Measurable and Valuable Intel

Intelligence Requirements streamline the gathering, capturing, and planning in the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle. Produce relevant intel for the right stakeholder in the right format and at the right time.

Watch your ROI Grow using Automation

Native capability to quantify the benefits of automating processes, lets you communicate time and money saved.

Measure Analyst Efficiency with Workflow Metrics

Forget generating efficiency numbers manually. Quickly understand your team’s workload and make changes to increase efficiency and productivity and avoid burnout.

Show the Value of Your Threat Intel Program

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The Tenets of Threat Intel Operations: Tenet #7 – Measure for Success

Understand why measuring your threat intel program is critical to demonstrating value.

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Modern Threat Intel Requires a Modern Platform

Legacy threat intel platforms won’t evolve with your threat intel program. Learn why Threat Intel Operations Platforms are the modern solutions threat intel teams need.

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8 Questions to Ask a Threat Intelligence Platform Vendor

The threat intelligence platform (TIP) landscape can be confusing.  To help you choose the right platform, we’ve compiled eight questions to ask your vendor.

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