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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Automated Enrichment for Improved Fidelity

Phishing emails, security events, and alerts need intel context for fast and accurate assessment and response. ThreatConnect’s Unified Threat Library, Automation, and Apps and Integrations make it easy.

Automated Threat Intel Enrichment

Automatically enrich threat intel indicators with native enrichment across popular data sources like VirusTotal, RiskIQ, DomainTools, Shodan, URLScan, and more. Use playbook automation and an extensible API for custom enrichments.

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Threat Intel is Crucial for Context

Give analysts the context they need to perform phishing analysis, analyze SIEM alerts and events, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

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Zero Trust Relies on High-Fidelity Threat Intel

Enterprises implementing a zero trust architecture must have high-fidelity threat intel context to ensure accurate decision-making and policy enforcement.

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Understand why intelligence-powered context is critical

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Share intel context with your security controls

Integrating high-fidelity intel with your security controls is necessary for a strong cyber defense.

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Zero trust requires relevant threat intel

Learn why implementing a zero trust architecture without threat intelligence won’t deliver its full value.

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Go beyond just managing your threat intel

See the ThreatConnect TI Operations Platform in action.

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