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Build a Threat Library with ThreatConnect

Automatically aggregate, correlate, and operationalize threat intelligence from multiple sources at scale to share with your entire security operations team for quicker, more efficient detection and confident responses.

Fast intelligence sharing for investigations

From siloed security data and insights to a trusted, shared repository for the security operations team to reference when investigating and remediating threats that are targeting your organization.

Build a single source of truth

From disparate data and sources of threat information (structured and unstructured) to automated enrichment that continuously collects, normalizes, and associates threat data to an existing threat library.

Create a dynamic threat intelligence loop

From one-time use of threat intelligence to growing your threat library by adding valuable insights from the security operations team to use for future investigations.

ThreatConnect Advantages

Robust and extensible data model

Normalize and enrich structured and unstructured data across disparate tools to view relationships between threat actors, campaigns, incidents, and other IOCs. Leverage custom attributes for the most comprehensive view of threat activity.

SOL use Library Datamodel

Built-in report cards

Gain an understanding of data quality with immediate insights into indicators during investigations. ThreatConnect CAL™ gains direct insight into how widespread and relevant a threat is, providing a global context that has never before been available. ThreatAssess provides a single actionable score to capture and convey indicator reputation so you can make a decision on what to do next.

Dashboards and reporting

Easily visualize data to prioritize threats. Gain a better understanding of the context, themes, and trends around the threats your organization faces. Build custom dashboards for better insights to meet your individual needs, whether as a security analyst or team leader.

Power decisions with a threat intelligence library.

Operationalize your threat intelligence

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