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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Intelligence-Driven Threat Hunting

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your threat hunting program by guiding your hunts with high-fidelity intelligence. Harness visualizations, workflows, and automation to improve detection and reduce dwell times.

Single Source of Threat Intel Truth

Achieve intelligence-led threat hunting using a unified source of threat intel.

performance insights for all threat intel feeds

Connect the Dots on Attackers

Visualize attacker tools and behaviors to uncover connections and relationships across your threat intel.

visualizing attacker tools and behaviors to uncover connections and relationships across threat intel

Capture and Apply Tradecraft Knowledge

Prebuilt, customizable workflows streamline hunting and get new analysts up to speed quickly.

capturing and applying knowledge using prebuilt, customizable workflows

Automation is a Hunting Force Multiplier

Use Playbook automation to enhance threat hunts and respond to threats.

playbook automation being used to enhance threat hunts and respond to threats

Effectively Share Findings from Hunts

Communicate and collaborate with your team with customizable reporting built right into the platform.

customizing a report in the ThreatConnect platform

Make Threat Hunting More Effective

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An Intelligence-led Hunting Solution

Learn more about the ThreatConnect TI Ops Platform.

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Visualize Threat Intel

Uncover new relationships and unknown threats with ease.

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Get in the Mind of the Attacker

ThreatConnect’s ATT&CK Visualizer makes it easy to see and understand threat actor behaviors.

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See how we can improve your threat hunting.