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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Defend Against Threats with High-Fidelity Intel

Elevate threat detection and prevention using a single source of high-fidelity threat intelligence with your security tools, like SIEM, EDR, NDR, email security, and more, to proactively detect and block threats.

Build Attack Resilience

Detect and stop attacks faster and more precisely across all your cyber defense tools using a unified source of high-fidelity threat intelligence backed by AI analysis, built-in threat scoring, and community insights

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Automate Threat Intel Dissemination

Connecting your detection and prevention tools to a threat intelligence platform should be painless. Pre-built apps and integrations, playbook automations, and a robust extensible API make it a snap.

connecting your detection and prevention tools to a threat intelligence platform using pre-built apps and integrations, playbook automations and extensible API

Gain Situational Awareness on Threats

Get a full view of the threats in your environment with data and metrics on recent activity, active incidents, open tasks, indicator trends, and more to protect and defend your infrastructure.

full view of a threat in a dashboard within the ThreatConnect platform

Improve Threat Detection and Response

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Make it hard for the Adversary

Threat intel has little value if it’s not being shared across your cyber defense tools. Learn why integrating security tools with a TI Ops Platform is a necessity to defeat today’s adversaries.

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Quickly Connect your Security Technologies

Pre-built Apps and Playbooks for popular security tools makes it fast and easy to integrate your security tools.

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Buyer’s Guide for TI Ops

This guide will help you evaluate the threat intelligence vendor landscape and determine the best fit for your cybersecurity program’s needs.

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