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Risk Quantifier (RQ)

ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier (RQ) helps security organizations maximize insights for the business by using automation to help quantify cyber risk in financial terms. With ThreatConnect RQ, you can maximize efficiency and collaboration between all stakeholders by providing them with regularly updated results in just hours.

From a guessing game to a data-driven model

From a guessing gameto a data-driven model

Automate the generation of financial cyber risk reporting as it relates to your business, cybersecurity initiatives, and controls. RQ leverages your inputs and multiple data sources, applies the data to the risk model, and provides you with objective, automated outputs.

From an isolated cost center to alignment with company growth

From an isolated cost centerto alignment with company growth

CISOs engage early with business stakeholders about security and risk reduction to align company growth and risk mitigation objectives using financially quantified cyber risk and ROI data.

From wasting money to prioritization based on financial risk

From wasting moneyto prioritization based on financial risk

Prioritization of cyber risks and CVEs by financial impact and loss exposure they represent to the business. Communicate cyber risks in monetary terms that helps the business make better decisions to reduce risk.

Explore Key Platform Features

Automate FAIR

Take the next step forward with FAIR through automation and integration capabilities to help you calculate loss and likelihood at scale. RQ enables you to integrate with a variety of tools, including; GRC, vulnerability scanners, CMDBs, and others to scale your cyber-risk quantification efforts.

Recommendations Based on Industry Standards

Leverage multiple frameworks that security teams use to measure their efforts against the industry standard. RQ natively supports security frameworks like NIST CSF, ISO 27001, CIS Top 20, and others.

Recommendations screenshot

Perform ‘What If’ Analysis

Utilize a sandbox environment that allows you to quickly model and shows the impact of budget changes or new business initiatives to your security controls and risk before making a decision.

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