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Risk Quantifier (RQ)

Quantify cyber risk in financial terms to make better decisions, prioritize actions and communicate with leadership

ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier for cyber risk quantification

ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier (RQ) makes it fast and easy to analyze and quantify the financial impact of cyber risks, and prioritize remediations. RQ provides the data, AI-powered analytics and recommendations to deliver defensible results without needing to be a cyber risk expert.

Key Capabilities of Risk Quantifier

threat and risk data to feed quantification model
Data > Feelings
You need defensible, actionable risk intelligence. RQ delivers by analyzing real-world risk, loss, and attack data and specific attributes and context of your business
AI & Machine Learning risk management strategy
Insights and Context – Powered by AI/ML
Using AI and machine learning, RQ automates cyber risk analysis, allowing you to rapidly overlay your business context with our models, obtaining the most accurate insights possible.
security investments in action plans
Prioritize Risk Remediation for Maximum Impact
Choosing which controls and vulnerabilities to tackle first can be challenging. RQ provides financial, impact-based recommendations so you’ll mitigate the greatest risks to your business.
share business value with board of directors and chief information security officer
Communicate Impact, Enable Good Decisions
Financially quantifying cyber risks enables you to talk to executives and directors in terms they understand – money and costs – and gain strong alignment when making decisions.
various risk quantification models
Start Quickly, Grow As You Need
RQ meets you where you are in your cyber risk quantification journey, whether using custom models or FAIR.
defensible cybersecurity investments
Overcome the Skeptics with Defensible Data
RQ makes your cyber risk analyses and decisions transparent and defensible to skeptics who might not believe or understand the validity of your approach.

Covering Your Most Critical Use Cases

  • Risk and Control Mitigation Prioritization
  • Defining SEC Materiality / Risk Appetite
  • Improving cyber risk communication
  • Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Third Party & Supply Chain Risks
  • Compliance with regulations and frameworks
  • Managing End-of-Life assets
  • Risk Exception and Gap Management
cyber risk quantification crq overview

Quantify cyber risks with speed and ease

Use an open, data-driven approach, rather than subjective inputs to models, to quantify cyber risk.

Cyber risk analyses are time-consuming and are blockers for business-critical activities and initiatives

RQ automates risk analyses with its built-in data and analytics.

My risk analysis is subject and sometimes difficult to defend.

Achieving defensible risk analyses is a critical benefit from using RQ.

Insurance providers require me to gather a lot of data, and ensure it’s accurate, and I don’t know how to affects my premium.

Provides rich financial and technical loss for determining coverage amounts and likelihood analysis.

I don’t know if I have the appropriate level of cyber insurance coverage.

Risk Quantifier gives you the financial impacts from threats in hard currency, allowing you to know how much financial cyber risk the organization needs to cover.

Learn how a ThreatConnect RQ made risk analyses easier, faster, and more robust.

Evolved cyber risk management

Leverage data and AI-powered cyber risk quantification

I have finite resources and there is a continual backlog of risk analyses for my team of risk professionals to produce.

RQ fully automates cyber risk quantification, letting your risk managers stay ahead.

Business leaders don’t understand the value of investing in cyber security.

Putting financial numbers, like dollars, on cyber risks enables direct comparisons between cyber security and other business investments and their ROIs.

Current cyber risk analyses are too qualitative and not defensible.

RQ quantifies your risks in financial terms, not ordinal terms like 1-5 or high, medium, and low, making them relevant and defensible.

Helping the CISO prioritize risk mitigation strategies often comes down to “gut feel.”

RQ provides automated tactical and strategic risk mitigation recommendations based on financial impact, making risk mitigation strategies more accurate and defensible.

ThreatConnect RQ – The Industry-leading CRQ Solution

Make smart cybersecurity investment decisions

Prioritize risk mitigation investments based on defensible financial impact, not gut feelings

Prioritizing where to strategically invest in cybersecurity is frustrating.

Get a comprehensive view of the financial risks from cyber threats across your entire enterprise to make accurate and decisive decisions.

Communicating cyber risk with executives is a struggle – they aren’t technical and I can’t speak in business terms.

RQ enables you to quantify cyber risks in financial terms, enabling you to achieve productive communications with leaders.

If there were a cyber attack, I’d struggle to answer questions about materiality for the SEC Cybersecurity rules.

Quantifying the organization’s cyber risk in financial impacts allows you, executives, and the board of directors to assess and agree on materiality before an incident occurs.

The business views cyber security as a cost center, not a strategic partner.

With RQ, you can communicate with executives and Directors about aligning cyber risk to company growth and demonstrating value for the cyber risk and security program.

I’m always being asked to “accept a waiver” to my security policies and guidelines to meet business needs when I shouldn’t own the risk.

RQ helps remove the uncertainty and emotions when discussing how much risk to accept by quantifying the financial impact of cyber risks.

Learn how to operationalize cyber risk quantification.

The business doesn’t understand the value of the service we provide to the company.

RQ quantifies cyber risks and allows security operations teams to demonstrate in financial terms how much cyber risk they are removing.

Prioritizing where to focus exposure mitigation activities is a struggle without knowing which assets and business processes carry the most risk.

RQ’s automated assessment and recommendations give vulnerability management teams clear direction on the riskiest exposures to the business’ environment.

When attacks happen, it’s hard to know which are the most critical to respond to.

RQ enables security operations teams to know which assets and business processes are vitally critical to the organization.

Aligning my departments’ strategy to the cyber risk strategy takes a lot of time and still leaves a lot of uncertainty.

The quantified risk outputs from RQ speed up the alignment of tactical and strategic investments.

Want to learn more about cyber risk quantification?

I have thousands of vendors, and the ratings I get are too technical, making it hard to determine which to focus on to avoid material losses.

Leverage the power of RQ and security ratings solutions, like SecurityScorecard, to avoid analysis paralysis and focus on the vendors that matter.

The business expects me to accept the risks with a new third-party vendor “to meet the needs of the business.”

The quantifiable outputs provided by RQ allow third-party risk acceptance to be shifted to business and application owners.

I’m unable to answer the question of how much 3rd parties and our digital supply chain are contributing to the organization’s overall cyber risk.

RQ provides a holistic view of cyber risks across your organization.

Learn why CRQ is important to 3rd-party risk management.

RQ Integrates with Your Security Stack

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Choosing a CRQ solution

Understand how to choose the right platform for your cyber risk management strategy to strengthen your cybersecurity programs.

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ThreatConnect RQ – The Industry Leading CRQ Solution

Learn why ThreatConnect RQ is an industry leader in Cyber Risk Quantification according to Forrester.

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