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Threat Intel Sources vs Platforms

Sources and feeds provide intelligence. Platforms let you manage and operationalize multiple sources.

Intel sources give you raw intelligence. Platforms lets you centrally aggregate, manage, analyze, and act on all of your intel. Effective CTI teams use a platform to maximize value from all their commercial, open source, and internally generated intel.

What are Commercial Threat Intel Services?

Commercial threat intel services are purchased as subscriptions to proprietary research generated from clear, deep, and dark web sources. Intel is delivered as alerts, feeds of indicators of compromise (IOCs), or reports.

What is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)?

Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) are used to aggregate and manage data from a range of threat intelligence sources, like commercial providers, to facilitate the analysis of threats and threat actors. They primarily focus on producing intel products, like reports and unrefined feeds of indicators.


How does SOAR support threat intelligence?

SOAR solutions focus on security automation and incident response, sometimes offering basic, lightweight threat intelligence aggregation and management features. SOAR solutions lack a unified approach to operationalizing intel and cannot scale to handle significant intel volume and velocity.


What is a Threat Intelligence Operations Platform?

TI Ops Platforms are the modern evolutions of the TIP and provide AI-powered analytics and automations, allowing intel to be operationalized by security teams. Compared to legacy TIPs, TI Ops platforms provide a greater level of insight, analytics, and integration with the overall security function.

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