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ThreatConnect is the only Platform to unite Cyber Risk Quantification (RQ), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities, ThreatConnect is a decision and operational support platform that aligns the entire security lifecycle to the goal of reducing risk.

2021 Gartner® Report

SOC Model Guide

Building and managing a mature Security Operations program is a continuously evolving journey. The SOC model you follow today may not combat the threats of tomorrow. Read the Gartner® SOC Model Guide for expert guidance on how to assess and select the right security operation center model.

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CyberSecurity Under Stress

2022 Global Survey Report

Introducing ThreatConnect’s newest 2022 report – highlighting the struggles security operations teams are facing globally. High turnover, growing workloads, and high-stress levels are just to name a few.

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Intelligence Driven Operations

ThreatConnect Launches 6.5 Release to Enable Smarter Security Operations, Achieves SOC 2 Compliance

ThreatConnect 6.5 introduces new capabilities that provide security operations and CTI analysts with an improved threat intelligence and investigations experience with better visualizations, more context, and more automation in one unified platform. ThreatConnect is also proud to announce its achievement of SOC 2 Compliance.

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Smarter SOAR

Inside Today’s SOC: More Spending, Fewer Skilled Staff, Less Capability

More than 25% of SOC analysts expressed dissatisfaction with their current position and one-third were currently looking for another job. Tellingly, 28% had never stopped an actual intrusion or couldn’t remember having done so.

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Why Risk | Threat | Response?

Cybersecurity’s 5 Core Business & Operational Challenges

At ThreatConnect, we believe the only way to overcome the key business and operational challenges facing cybersecurity today is for organizations to adopt the Risk | Threat | Response approach.

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Intelligence-Driven SOAR

Learn Why ThreatConnect is The Industry’s Smarter SOAR

The most valuable resource in SecOps: Security professionals’ attention.

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Intelligence-Driven Operations

Learn how ThreatConnect’s Platform closes the gap between knowledge and action and enables faster and better decision-making.

It serves as a single source of truth that enables security teams, IT leaders, and business decision-makers to better understand the organization’s threat and risk landscape.

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Why Organizations Choose ThreatConnect

With ThreatConnect, organizations are able to align security to the business, break down silos between teams, streamline processes, integrate technologies and measure the impact of their efforts based on risk reduction.

The ThreatConnect Platform delivers orchestration and automation capabilities that reduce job complexity for every stakeholder – from security executives, to risk teams, to threat intelligence experts, to security operations personnel and incident responders.

These are workbenches that provide security leadership with a quantified financial or operational impact view into risk, management dashboards, and analytics. They help risk teams rapidly assess scenarios and quantify impact, and help security teams document, streamline and integrate processes with Playbooks and broad case management capabilities. Linked sources of intelligence and integrated security tools and technologies, enable automation of routine and repeatable tasks with workflows. Doing so helps align your security team to a common, shared vision that maps back to business priorities to ensure that you are defending against the right threats and demonstrates the value of security to the rest of the business.

ThreatConnect aligns strategic and operational goals by exposing the risks and threats that matter most, solving the issue of prioritization in security. This is done by quantifying cyber risks based on potential financial or operational impact, unifying security and the business to a common goal. This quantification is established in part by, and continuously informed by, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, operations and response data found within ThreatConnect.

ThreatConnect provides a continuous feedback and improvement loop for the people, processes, and technologies that make up your security program. Risk drives the focus and external threat intelligence and internal security intelligence related to those risks feeds operations, directing action against the threats that matter most. The efficiency of those actions is continually improved through Playbooks and automated Workflows. The outcomes of those actions further feed intelligence, providing the ability to refine your organization’s risk portfolio and ultimately the efficacy of the entire security lifecycle.

Continuous sharing of information across your team and technology provides the information they need to do their jobs better. Working out of a central location keeps everyone informed and up to date on what needs to be done. Multiple ways of supporting integrations lets your team work collaboratively with the technology they’re currently using while allowing for changes.

With CRQ, TIP and SOAR capabilities, the ThreatConnect Platform becomes a single point of truth for the security team. Unify the actions of the security team around the most critical risks and support response with streamlined and automated Workflows.

Where Security Comes to Work

ThreatConnect is the only solution that natively combines cyber risk quantification, threat intelligence, orchestration and automation, analytics, and templated workflows relevant for all stakeholders – security and business executives, risk, threat intelligence, vulnerability, operations and response teams.

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