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Threat Intelligence Operations and
Cyber Risk Quantification with AI Power

Operationalize Threat Intelligence

Put high-fidelity threat intelligence at the core of security operations for more effective cyber defense.

Quantify Cyber Risk

Evaluate cyber risk in financial terms to prioritize investments and actions.

Make threat intelligence, security operations, and cyber risk management teams more effective, efficient, and collaborative with AI-powered solutions that enable the operationalization of high-fidelity threat and risk insights.

Threat Intelligence Operations

Evolve your cyber threat intelligence from simply intel managing to truly operationalizing it, ensuring a more informed and proactive cyber defense.

TI Ops benefits for:

Threat Intel Producers:

  • Bring together all sources of open source, commercial, and internal intelligence
  • Distill the intel volume into high-fidelity, actionable intelligence 
  • Shift the focus from intel collection and processing, to analysis and sharing
  • Measure and demonstrate the value and impact of your CTI program

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Threat Intel Consumers:

  • Relevant and actionable intel when, where, and how it’s needed
  • Faster time to detect, prevent, and respond to threats
  • Enhance cyber risk management
  • Better collaboration and communications

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Don’t Be Confused. Get the Threat Intel Solution You Need.

Threat intel feeds and data services provide intelligence. Threat intelligence platforms let you manage and operationalize multiple sources of commercial, open-source, and internally generated intel.  See the key differences.


impacts of disjointed, low-fidelity intel and how it limits cyber defenses
unify, analyze and operationalize your threat data with ThreatConnect
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Cyber Risk Quantification

Quantify cyber risk in dollar terms to comply with regulations, evaluate controls, and improve board reporting.

  • Get better decision-making knowing the financial impact from threats and security controls
  • Prioritize and communicate ROI from cybersecurity investments
  • Communicate cyber risk in business terms to executives and boards of directors

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quantify your cyber risks with ThreatConnect RQ

Trusted By Leading Companies

See how industry leaders are driving outcomes with the ThreatConnect platform.

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ThreatConnect allows our organization to collect, analyze, and share intelligence with various teams in a single platform, effectively reducing the amount of time needed for an analyst to produce actionable intelligence to share with our partners and stakeholders.

Threat Intel Analyst

Fortune 100 Global Software Company

ThreatConnect enabled us to quantify ROI and to define business requirements for onboarding technology. Tools need to be open to automation, scalable, and

SOC Team Lead

Global Forbes 2000 Hospital & Healthcare System

ThreatConnect is a one stop shop for me. I can get intel, risk, and deep dive into threats and source, all in one place.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Global Forbes 2000 Financial Services

ThreatConnect has a vision for security that encompasses the most critical elements – risk, threat, and response. The RQ solution strengthens their offering and increases alignment to our core strategic objectives with one platform to assess our risk and automate and orchestrate our response to it.

Director of Security Operations and Threat Management

Fortune 150 Health and Life Insurance Organization

Threat and Risk Intelligence Solutions

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Evolve Your Threat Intelligence

Move from reactive to proactive security by operationalizing your cyber threat intelligence.

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Industry-leading Risk Quantification

Learn how ThreatConnect sets the industry standard for cyber risk quantification.

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Modern Cyber Threat Intel

Streamline your approach to cyber threat intelligence by using the Evolved Threat Intel Lifecycle.

Evolve Your CTI Program