Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Platform

With both Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) and Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) capabilities, ThreatConnect unites intelligence, automation, orchestration and response to enable your organization to be more predictive, proactive, and efficient.

Why Organizations Choose ThreatConnect

Single source of truth: Even for the most skilled team, keeping up with the threat landscape, increasingly complex IT environments, changing regulatory compliance mandates, and mounting security alerts is not easy to achieve, let alone do quickly. Working off a single platform is critical to successful coordination of detection and response initiatives, as it keeps knowledge sharing across these teams fluid and instantaneous. Having all of your threat intelligence, response plans, and processes in one place provides your entire team a common reference point that enables collaboration, ensures consistency, and reduces the impact of turnover.

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency: Automate mundane tasks so your team can work towards building a more proactive, intelligent defense. Adding threat intelligence (both external and native) ensures that both human and machine actions are driven by the highest fidelity data, reducing waste and increasing focus on the most relevant threats.

Globally-crowdsourced threat intelligence and analytics help your team make faster and more informed decisions based on real, boots-on-the-ground telemetry.

Improve Collaboration: Continuous sharing of information across your team and technology provides the information they need to do their jobs better. Working out of a central location keeps everyone informed and up to date on what needs to be done. Multiple ways of supporting integrations lets your team work collaboratively with the technology they’re currently using while allowing for changes.

Strengthen Business-Security Goal Alignment: Aligning your team to a common, shared vision that maps back to business priorities helps ensure that security is defending against the right threats and helps demonstrate the value of security to the rest of the business. This is accomplished through defined metrics that matter to you, demonstrable ROI, and dashboards that drive action.

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