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How ThreatConnect Works

ThreatConnect® is the industry’s most comprehensive threat intelligence platform (TIP). We give you the power to drive smarter security processes, unite all resources behind a common defense and take decisive action to keep your business on course. Security analysts, incident response and operations teams can now connect the dots across the cyber landscape and automate processes to mitigate risk.


Aggregate all available threat data in one
place, using one platform.


Identify patterns quickly and identify
threat actors further upstream.


Take decisive action fast by uniting your
team through data integration.

Automate Security Operations

Using one solution, teams can aggregate threat data, analyze it rapidly, automate action and produce tactical, operational and strategic threat intelligence. Plus our robust API allows seamless integration to help you make the most of the tools you’re already using.


What to look for in a
Threat Intelligence Platform

All platforms are not equal. Find out more about what
matters most in a threat intelligence platform.

With ThreatConnect 4.0, security analysts can simultaneously coordinate with incident response, security operations and risk management teams while aggregating data from trusted communities. Your team will be better equipped to protect the organization from modern cyber threats, mitigate risk and address strategic business needs all thorough a single, robust platform.

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ThreatConnect wants as many cyber professionals to get into the habit of sharing threat data and intelligence with one another as possible. Together, we are much stronger and more likely to thwart adversaries. So, we created the ThreatConnect Free Edition to be a completely free, non-threatening way to get started. It is perfect for individual researchers, analysts, and organizations who are just starting to learn about Cyber Threat Intelligence.

ThreatConnect’s Free Edition allows you to establish a basic threat intelligence practice and protect your organization with open source threat data, with support and validation from our free communities.

  • Aggregate open source threat data
  • Validate your intelligence with open source communities
  • Available in dedicated cloud deployment only
  • Register up to 3 users from a single organization to collaborate with each other and the community with the Free Organization Edition.
  • Learn how to build collaborative workflows to better protect your organization with the Free Organization Edition

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