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Actionable Strategic Intelligence

With integrated support for intelligence requirements, MITRE ATT&CK, and reporting, your team can deliver the intelligence that leadership needs to stay ahead of threats. 

Leverage Intelligence Requirements

The integrated Intelligence Requirements feature enables analysts to capture customer requirements, like PIRs and RFIs, directly within the platform, to ensure alignment and coordination across the entire cybersecurity team. 

Visualize Attacker Behaviors

ATT&CK Visualizer enables analysts to understand attacker behaviors by visually showing their tactics and techniques and the organization’s security controls coverage.

Native Reporting

Native reporting allows easy dissemination of the most relevant intel to key stakeholders. The easy-to-use reporting feature saves valuable analyst time and enables faster intel sharing.

Learn how to deliver high-fidelity strategic intel

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Choose the Right Threat Intelligence Platform

Learn why a TI Ops Platform is critical for efficiently producing relevant strategic Intel.

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Get the Most from Intelligence Requirements

Understand the role of intelligence requirements in delivering relevant actionable strategic Intel.

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Move from Reactive to Proactive Threat Intelligence

Learn from an industry-leading CISO why proactive cyber threat intelligence is a necessity.

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Want to deliver impactful strategic intel?