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Intelligence-Powered Incident Response

High-fidelity threat intelligence, well-defined workflows, and precision automation let you respond to attacks faster, consistently, and more confidently.

Prioritize the incidents that matter

Leverage a unified source of threat intelligence to triage, analyze, and respond to the most critical incidents ensuring you are minimizing the damage of an attack.

Fast, Precise, and Effective Incident Response, enabled by Automation

Speed and precision are often the difference between a minor and material breach.  With low-code, drag-and-drop simplicity, response tasks can be automated, allowing fast, confident response.


Maximize Incident Response Efficiency and Consistency

Enable consistent, effective, and repeatable incident handling by defining and managing IR processes. Workflows provide seamless alignment across teams and ensure the consistency required to meet compliance standards.

Case Management and Ticketing System

ThreatConnect’s native Cases feature allows for comprehensive intelligence and data to be centrally gathered and leveraged by incident responders or integrate ThreatConnect with popular solutions like Jira and ServiceNow.

Learn How to Accelerate Your Incident Response

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Incident Response Case Study

Hear from a ThreatConnect customer about how the TI Ops Platform improves Incident Response.

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The ThreatConnect TI Ops Platform

Your single source for threat actor insights, historical incident knowledge, and automation to let you respond faster.

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Improve Incident Response with ThreatConnect

Learn how a TI Ops Platform can improve your Incident Response.

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