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Unleash Efficiency Through Automation

ThreatConnect changes the game by automating the mundane, creating more time to focus on high value analysis and collaboration. With playbook automation and AI-powered threat insights, you’ll unlock efficiency and effectiveness for CTI and SecOps teams.

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Build Playbooks with Ease

Quickly automate your custom processes. Playbook automation reduces the need to be a coding expert through our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

Save Hours with AI and Automation

CAL™ Automated Threat Library (ATL) aggregates and analyzes more than 60 authoritative sources of open-source intel. Save time and effort with automatic detection of ATT&CK tactics and techniques, CVEs, indicators, and AI-generated summaries. Analysts love CAL ATL because it saves hours of manual effort every day.

Get Automated Intel Context

Streamline your threat intelligence analysis with automated intel enrichment. Built-in, automated enrichment leveraging third-party sources like Virus Total, Shodan, DomainTools,, and more removes manual effort and provides actionable insights for analysts.

Learn how Automation is a force multiplier for TI Ops

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Global Fortune 400 Company Harnesses Automation

Learn how ThreatConnect’s automation capabilities reduced the complexity, and operational and financial impact from manual processes.

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Buyer’s Guide for Threat Intelligence Operations

A valuable resource for understanding and evaluating threat intelligence platforms (TIPs).

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Why Threat Intel is Critical For Supply Chain Security

Stay ahead of attacks against your supply chain partners with high-fidelity threat intelligence.

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