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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Prioritize Response with Threat Scoring

Stop struggling to prioritize threats and justify defensive actions amid a flood of alerts and false positives. Harness the power of AI to get reliable, high-fidelity threat scoring with critical context.

Increase Intel Reliability and Minimize False Positives

ThreatConnect automates the scoring of threats using our proprietary ThreatAssess feature and AI- and community-powered threat scoring. Analysts can have confidence that the intel they supply, like IOCs for threat detection and blocking, is high-fidelity and actionable and reduces overload from too many false positives.

details of a threat and its ThreatAssess & CAL score

How Evil Is a Threat?

ThreatConnect’s Threat Rating provides a customizable rating of “evilness” for IOCs that allows threat intel, SOC, and incident response analysts to prioritize threats. Analysts can also set a confidence rating based on the timeliness of the available data or knowledge about an adversary’s tactics and techniques, providing even more context.

customized "evilness" rating for a threat

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Community Insights Give You the Advantage

See how widespread and relevant a threat is by leveraging a multitude of data points from thousands of analysts.

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Intelligence to Protect Against Ransomware

Use intel as a secret weapon to take proactive steps to protect against ransomware attacks.

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Zero Trust Steps Up To Shut Down Threat Actors

Leverage a single source of high fidelity intel to supercharge your zero trust control plane.

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Experience the power of threat scoring in the ThreatConnect TI Ops Platform