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Intelligence-Powered Security Operations

Modernize your security operations by putting threat intelligence at the center of everything you do. ThreatConnect turns threat intelligence into actionable insights, captures and applies analyst knowledge and tradecraft, and integrates, automates, and orchestrates activities across all your tools using machine power. Your teams will be more effective, more confident, and more collaborative.

From reactive to proactive

From reactiveto proactive

Move security teams from being reactive, spending precious resources going from one fire to the next, to proactive security where you are anticipating the threats, like ransomware and nation-states, targeting your enterprise and getting ahead of them to fortify your defenses.

From manual tasks to workflow automation

From manual tasksto workflow automation

Standardize processes and workflows so you don’t miss a critical step and improve efficiencies when responding to the most critical threats.

From alert fatigue to faster time to response

From alert fatigueto faster time to response

Stop wasting time on false positives and benign alerts and prioritize the alerts most relevant to your business.

From security silos to collaborative teams

From security silosto collaborative teams

Bring security operations and cyber threat intelligence teams together on one Platform with threat intelligence at the core of everything so security teams can focus on the threats most relevant to them.

From chasing down risk to business-aligned security

From chasing down risk to business-aligned security

Translate security initiatives and how they align to strategic priorities at the C-suite level to communicate how the entire security team is addressing threats with the greatest impact to the business.

Explore Key Platform Features


Natively enrich intelligence with real-time insights into threats and indicators and leverages ground-truth insights from the ThreatConnect user community around the globe.

CAL screenshot

Low Code Playbooks

Reduce the manual burden on analysts and save money with extensible drag-and-drop automation that’s been designed from the ground up to work with our intel-first data model. Standardize processes and workflows to improve consistency and increase efficiency.

Lowcode Playbook screenshot


Workflow gives you access to full Case Management from the same Platform where you’re managing your threat intelligence and security processes. Automate case creation, intel production, and data enrichment for smarter, faster, and more-targeted investigations and decision-making.

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Prioritize decision-making with reputational analysis that scores the criticality of an indicator of compromise (IOC) on a single numeric scale.

Dashboards and Reporting

Easily visualize data that shows the impact of your security efforts and gain a better understanding of the threats your organization faces. Align your teams with custom dashboards for better insights to meet each analyst’s specific needs.

Dashboard screenshot

Unite your security team and protect your enterprise

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