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Polarity by ThreatConnect

Unified threat intel, context, and knowledge at the point of analysis and decision-making

Polarity federated search, correlation, and analysis puts the data your analysts need at their fingertips at the time of decision.  Analysts can access, analyze, and correlate all sources of intelligence, data, and knowledge in one place, regardless of where the data is stored or shared – enabling faster, more precise response.

Key Capabilities of Polarity

Hundreds of Data Sources Come Together
Easily query more than 200 sources of threat intelligence, logs, data, and knowledge including threat intel sources, SIEMs, security tools, cloud services, and more. Results are automatically aggregated in a single display, ready for action.
High-fidelity, Real-time Contextualization
Give every analyst instant access to the same intel, knowledge and data needed to have the most comprehensive context on threats and vulnerabilities.
Unified Analyst Workspace
Stop drowning in a sea of browser tabs and interfaces. Polarity is the single unified interface where analysts can accelerate their threat analysis, hunting, and response to reduce detection and response times.

Seamless Access to Threat Intel in the TI Ops Platform

Unlock the value of your threat intel across every security team without adding “yet another pane-of-glass.” Enable new intel to be easily memorialized into the TI Ops Platform, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information.

Accelerate Alert Triage

Attackers move fast. Analysts need to move faster but are buried in alerts. Polarity uses OCR and computer vision, and automates search and contextualization across hundreds of data sources to help analysts triage and prioritize the most urgent alerts.

Smarter Threat Hunting

Polarity lets analysts hunt faster and smarter to find and expel attackers that sneak into your networks and systems, minimizing their ability to cause havoc.

Enhance Incident Response

Time is of the essence when investigating and responding to incidents.  Polarity gives analysts real-time insights and facilitates cross-team collaboration to quickly contain attacks, minimizing their impact and saving the organization’s money and reputation.

Leverage the Power of GenAI

Polarity’s AI Assistant allows security operations teams to gain insights and save time using GenAI tools like ChatGPT, Azure AI, Gemini, and others while ensuring they are used safely, consistently, and within corporate policies.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Learn how leading companies are unifying threat intel and security operations with Polarity.

Using Polarity with the ThreatConnect Platform is a force multiplier for our security team. Together these solutions give us confidence that all our most valuable information is delivered to our analysts, cross references against multiple sources, and it acted upon by the right people at the right time

Senior Manager, Cyber Security Advanced Threat

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Polarity integrates with more than 200+ sources

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