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Threat Intelligence Operations Platform

The threat intelligence platform for an
active cyber defense

threat intelligence management with ThreatConnect's Threat Intelligence Platform

Harness the power of AI and automation to aggregate, enrich, and analyze all your intelligence in a single platform, enabling prioritization and action on the most critical threats.

Key Capabilities of the TI Ops Platform

Intel Your Teams Will Love

Produce and share relevant, actionable threat intelligence

The increasing volume and velocity of indicators, reports, and other data that come in every day can feel impossible to process and analyze.

ThreatConnect automatically aggregates, normalizes, and adds context to all of your intelligence sources into a unified repository of high fidelity intel for analysis and action.

Threat intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination requires too much manual work.

ThreatConnect can standardize and automate tasks, letting you quickly analyze and disseminate intel.

It’s difficult to clearly and efficiently communicate with other security teams and executive management.

ThreatConnect makes it fast and easy for you to disseminate critical intel reports to stakeholders.

See how the ThreatConnect Platform can evolve your CTI into TI Ops.

Threat Intel Is Your Force Multiplier

Secure and defend your enterprise with a unified source of relevant threat intel.

It’s nearly impossible to prioritize the overwhelming number of security alerts.

Detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents effectively using a single source of relevant, high-fidelity threat intelligence.

False positives waste a tremendous amount of time.

Integrate security and monitoring tools with a single source of high-fidelity threat intel to minimize false positives and duplicate alerts.

There are too many places to track and capture knowledge about current and past alerts and incidents.

The ThreatConnect Platform enables you to collaborate and ensure threat intel and knowledge is memorialized for future use.

See how the ThreatConnect Platform helps you find and respond to the most critical threats.

Without context, it takes too long to triage and prioritize incidents and contain threats.

ThreatConnect provides business-relevant threat intel and context to help you reduce response times and minimize the blast radius of attacks.

Disconnected security tools lead to manual, time-consuming efforts and hinder coordinated, consistent responses.

ThreatConnect empowers you by centralizing coordination and automation for instant response actions.

It’s time consuming to manually provide feedback on current intel, and share newly discovered intel and insights to the CTI team.

The ThreatConnect Platform makes providing feedback and memorializing new intel easy for you.

See how The ThreatConnect platform enables intelligence-driven incident response.

Our team lacks actionable knowledge about the specific threat actors targeting our organization.

ThreatConnect’s AI powered global intelligence and analytics helps you find and track the threat actors targeting your industry and peers.

It’s difficult to scale our threat hunting program to discover sophisticated threats.

ThreatConnect helps you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your threat hunting.

New intel discovered in hunts never gets used by the CTI team.

Memorialize newly discovered intelligence making it accessible to everyone.

See how ThreatConnect can make your threat hunting faster and more effective.

There are an overwhelming number of vulnerabilities highlighted by our scanning tools.

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities to prioritize and drive remediation using a single source of threat and vulnerability intelligence.

It’s difficult to be proactive in assessing and communicating the latest vulnerabilities.

Quickly determine your organization’s exposure to new vulnerabilities.

There are too many tools to track and coordinate vulnerability management and remediation efforts.

The ThreatConnect Platform enables you to drive vulnerability prioritization and remediation efforts from one interface.

Learn how ThreatConnect can take your vulnerability management program to the next level.

Increase Resilience, Reduce Stress

Make your enterprise attack resistant by putting threat intel at the core of security operations.

Without actionable intel, it’s hard to identify, prioritize and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities so you can’t detect and respond fast enough.

ThreatConnect aggregates, normalizes, and distributes high fidelity intel to tools and teams that need it.

Organizations can’t make the same mistake twice when triaging and responding to incidents.

ThreatConnect’s robust workflow and case management drives process consistency and captures knowledge for continuous improvement.

Team stress and burnout is increasing due to the overwhelming volume of threats and vulnerabilities.

ThreatConnect enables proactive threat detection and blocking, while minimizing false positives, allowing your team to focus on what matters.

Speak with an expert to learn how ThreatConnect enables Threat Intel Operations.

Protecting and ensuring business resilience against latest threats is critical.

Security and risk teams need actionable threat intelligence for accurate attack awareness.

It’s difficult to measure the ROI associated with my threat intelligence program.

ThreatConnect natively captures and reports ROI achieved by your CTI program.

Meeting compliance requirements for CTI capabilities is challenging and time-consuming.

Consistently deliver an audit-ready, performant threat intelligence function that meets your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Learn how putting CTI at the core of your cybersecurity program is a game changer.

Trusted By Leading Companies

See how industry leaders are driving outcomes with the ThreatConnect platform.

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ThreatConnect enabled us to quantify ROI and to define business requirements for onboarding technology. Tools need to be open to automation, scalable, and

SOC Team Lead

Global Forbes 2000 Hospital & Healthcare System

ThreatConnect is a one stop shop for me. I can get intel, risk, and deep dive into threats and source, all in one place.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Globe Forbes 2000 Financial Services

ThreatConnect has a vision for security that encompasses the most critical elements – risk, threat, and response. The RQ solution strengthens their offering and increases alignment to our core strategic objectives with one platform to assess our risk and automate and orchestrate our response to it.

Director of Security Operations and Threat Management

Fortune 150 Health and Life Insurance Organization

Threat and Risk Intelligence Solutions

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Elevate Your Threat Intelligence

Move your security operations teams from reactive to proactive by operationalizing your cyber threat intelligence.

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Buyer’s Guide for Threat Intelligence Operations

Threat intelligence platforms collect threat indicators and produce threat reports. Learn why you need a modern TI Ops platform to replace your threat intel platform. 

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Choosing the Right Threat Intelligence Platform

Evaluating TIP capabilities, threat intelligence sources, and threat intelligence management solutions? Find the best fit for your cybersecurity teams.

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