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ThreatConnect for Vulnerability Management

Many organizations struggle with the complex process of keeping up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities and ensuring systems are patched. With ThreatConnect®, you can automate the ingestion and enrichment of vulnerabilities to better assess threats and prioritize remediation.

Automate Enrichment to Add Context to Vulnerabilities

Integrations with third-party vulnerability notification sources and vulnerability management tools (ex. Tenable and Qualys) enable you to work on a regular schedule for workload balance and a more proactive approach to security. Add additional context by correlating vulnerability data with threat intelligence gathered by your other tools and compiled within the Platform.

Seamless Hand-off to Analysts for Patching and Remediation

Balancing automated enrichment with manual remediation allows your team to focus on the most pertinent vulnerabilities. Get these prioritized vulnerabilities into your team’s hands quicker, close gaps in your system, and greatly reduce the chance of that vulnerability being successfully exploited.