Aggregate, Analyze, and
Act on Threat Intelligence.

The ThreatConnect Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) centralizes the aggregation and management of all of your threat data. From one platform, you can normalize data from a variety of sources, add additional context, and automate manual threat intelligence-related security processes. ThreatConnect TIP provides you with a workbench to organize and prioritize your threat data and use it to drive actions across your security team. Quickly share reports or custom dashboards to understand the Threat landscape and prepare your organization from sophisticated attacks.

A Single Source of Truth for Intelligence & Processes

ThreatConnect TIP enables the refinement of relevant data from cases, response engagements, threat investigations, shared communities, and external vendors into intelligence suitable for any analyst’s decision-making and leverages that newly created intelligence to inform decisions across the security team.

Normalize intelligence collection to identify, detect, & respond to the specific types of threats that target your organization.

Threat Intel teams can curate and develop a single source of truth (or system of record) for aggregating and normalizing threat intelligence.

In turn, your Security Operations teams can have a trusted intelligence repository to reference when the additional context is necessary during investigations or remediations.

Enhance Intelligence with Global Context

ThreatConnect’s CAL (Collective Analytics Layer) anonymously leverages thousands of analysts worldwide who use participating ThreatConnect Platform instances and provides a way to learn more about potential threats. By distilling billions of data points, this innovative architecture offers immediate insight into how widespread and relevant a threat is, providing global context that has never before been available.

Agnostic and Extensible Integrations for Distributing Information to Other Security Tools

Intelligence collected within our Threat Intelligence Platform has the ability to dictate decisions being made across your technology stack. Send relevant and actionable insights from the TIP to other tools with our wide breadth of integrations and flexible Playbooks. Export Threat Intelligence Reports and share the information with other teams to help your organization stay up to date on relevant threats. Read more about how ThreatConnect helped a customer use relevant threat intelligence here.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Understand Data Quality with Report Cards

Report Cards allow analysts to easily see any feed’s performance on a few key dimensions like their Reliability Rating, Unique Indicators, First Reported, and Scoring Disposition. All of these insights are designed to help make better decisions during analysis and investigation.

Understand Relationships that Exist Between Indicators, Groups, and Tags

ThreatConnect helps you understand the complex relationships between pieces of threat intelligence and provides multiple ways to pivot throughout an investigation. Our robust data model lets you see relationships between threat actors, campaigns, incidents and other IOCs. With Explore with CAL™ capability, you can now pivot directly within the Collective Analytics Layer (CAL™) dataset to understand the complex, bidirectional relationships that exist within a particular indicator.

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