The ThreatConnect
Threat Intelligence Platform

Aggregate, Analyze, and Act on Threat Intelligence with the ThreatConnect Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Automate the Collection of Intel From All Sources
With the ThreatConnect Threat Intelligence Platform

With our Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), centralize the aggregation and management of threat data no matter the source. Whether it’s Open Source data from OSINT Feeds, Blogs, or RSS Feeds; or indicators being sent from a threat intel feed provided by an ISAC or Premium Provider, we take that data and add additional context. Robust integrations with tools like your SIEM, EDR, and firewall pull internally generated logs into ThreatConnect for further enrichment. You’re provided with a place to organize and prioritize the data so you can then use it to drive actions inside and outside of the Platform.

Agnostic and Extensible Integrations for Distributing Information to Other Security Tools

Intelligence collected within our Threat Intelligence Platform has the ability to dictate decisions being made across your technology stack. Send relevant and actionable insights from the TIP to other tools with our wide breadth of integrations and flexible Playbooks. Export Threat Intelligence Reports and share the information with other teams to help your organization stay up to date on relevant threats. Read more about how ThreatConnect helped a customer use relevant threat intelligence here.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Dynamic Intel-driven Automation and Orchestration for Better Decision Making

As additional context and associations are applied to an indicator, you are armed with intelligence that should influence decision making. But, indicators are dynamic and ever changing. And as they change, so should the processes tied to them. With ThreatConnect, intel-driven automation, orchestration, and response gives you the ability to adjust decisions on the fly based on the changes seen in the intelligence that is influencing the process. Your automated processes are made smarter with Playbooks that enable continuous dynamic decision-making.

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