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ThreatConnect for Tactical Threat Hunting

Quickly discover if a threat is lurking undetected in your network.

Tactical Threat Hunting

Making Threat Hunting a Reality with Templatized Workflows and Seamless Integrations

Many security teams cannot define and implement a threat hunting program because of resource shortages, or they simply lack the know-how. Complexity in defensive control integrations is also a roadblock, and the lack of integrated workflow makes the process challenging to replicate.

With ThreatConnect, the combination of automated and templated playbooks and workflows enables teams to incorporate repeatable processes – making threat hunting a reality.

  • Begin with a single indicator or intelligence group
  • Search a defensive control, such as a SIEM, to determine if there is a match
  • If found, perform a series of workflow steps to assess the significance of the finding and take corrective measures as a response

Improve Situational Awareness and Make More Confident Decisions

Improve situational awareness and make more confident decisions by leveraging historical data and allowing processes to adapt to changing environments.

Now, more easily identify, detect, & respond to the specific types of threats that target your organization to better focus analysis and response efforts.

Integrating with existing infrastructure and leveraging the contextual knowledge of threats and related indicators via in-platform Analytics makes decision-making easier for analysts during an investigation.

tactical threat hunting, ThreatConnect
tactical threat hunting, ThreatConnect

Understand Defensive Controls Effectiveness & Take Corrective Action

By working together in one Platform, security teams learn more information about the attack and understand if new IOCs exist in historical logs. Now, all team members have clarity if the defensive controls worked. Then, take corrective actions based on learnings to reduce the risk of further similar exploits.

Automatically Escalate to Investigation With a Single Click

Once you have fully worked through the Tactical Threat Hunting exercise, you can automatically escalate to an investigation. The investigation will help you understand whether the attacker gained access and how long the attack has gone undetected.