Get Smarter
Security Operations
With ThreatConnect’s
Intel-Driven SOAR Platform

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

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Increase Security Team Efficiency and Effectiveness

ThreatConnect’s SOAR Platform provides a central location to integrate not only your security tools, but all of your security processes. Document those processes within ThreatConnect and identify opportunities to increase efficiency through automation and orchestration. Time gained from the decrease in manual labor required for certain workflows, like validating phishing emails or identifying false positives, can be redistributed for tasks that require more critical thinking skills better suited for the humans on your security team.

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Make Smarter Decisions with Intelligence-Driven Operations

Intelligence and operations as functions of the security team should be cyclical and symbiotic. Threat intelligence housed in ThreatConnect can influence decisions related to security operations, tactics, and strategy. With robust Integrations and flexible Playbooks, get the maximum amount of value from existing investments by extracting intelligence to better inform future decision making. ThreatConnect enables the automation and continuation of this feedback loop throughout your entire security team.

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Decrease Time To Response and Remediation with SOAR

With increasing volumes of aggressive threats, organizations need to decrease the time it takes to validate potential threats and allow for faster response times. ThreatConnect Playbooks enable automation and orchestration to delegate certain tasks to machines and remove unnecessary human roadblocks. ThreatConnect’s real-time team collaboration functionality helps incident response teams coordinate activities handled by different people, all with varying roles and expertise, to support a cohesive response to a security incident.

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