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Smarter Security – ThreatConnect Customers Share Their Improved Security Outcomes

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Smarter Security, Faster Detection & Response, Maximum Impact

ThreatConnect, the leader in threat intelligence operations (TI Ops) solutions, takes a unique approach to TI Ops that drives improved security outcomes in terms of detection and response.

ThreatConnect surveyed its customers on the benefits they’ve realized, and in this e-book, you’ll see real-world results achieved by some of the most sophisticated cyber threat intelligence and security operations teams in the industry. 

Our customers say that ThreatConnect makes their existing tools more effective. By infusing high-fidelity threat intelligence into existing tools, customers see dramatic gains in security effectiveness and efficiency. 

These teams rely on ThreatConnect every day to help them protect and defend their enterprises. See how else ThreatConnect helps our customer improve their security outcomes →

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