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Elevate your automation and orchestrations with low-code playbooks

ThreatConnect Low-Code Automation

Traditional threat intelligence activities often involve labor-intensive manual work, which hinders threat analysts from focusing on operational, tactical, and strategic intelligence tasks. ThreatConnect offers Low-Code Automation, a user-friendly visual workspace that allows for quick creation of automated or semi-automated tasks, processes, and playbooks through intuitive "drag and drop" functionality. Benefits of ThreatConnect's Low-Code Automation for CTI and SecOps teams include enhanced efficiency and productivity, improved consistency in operations, and increased effectiveness by standardizing workflows and automating repetitive tasks, processes, and playbooks. ThreatConnect's Low-Code Automation empowers your security team with flexibility, consistency, and rapid implementation capabilities.
ThreatConnect Low-Code Automation
ThreatConnect uses drag-and-drop functionality for low-code automation in playbooks, tasks, and processes