ThreatConnect for
Security Operations

Make your existing technology investments smarter with ThreatConnect for Security Operations. With one platform, automate complex workflows for consistent, repeatable, and faster decision making across your whole team.

ThreatConnect for Security Operations
Automate Initial Triage
Establish Process Consistency
Reduce False Positives
Collaborate Across Teams
Expedite Analyst Onboarding

Automate Triage and Phishing Reporting
for Faster Response

Security operations (SecOps) professionals are consistently inundated with alerts. In ThreatConnect you can decrease mean-time-to-detect-and-respond (MTTD and MTTR) with initial triage, and determine where a deeper investigation is needed with customized workflows and playbooks. Automate phishing workflows for easy reporting and analysis of potential emails targeting your organization.

Establish Consistent,
Repeatable, and Trackable

With ThreatConnect Playbooks, you can document security operations processes more efficiently and consistently. Track metrics on completions, time, and dollars saved to demonstrate return on investment and the value of individual Playbooks.

Reduce False Positives. Focus Triage Efforts.

Automatically sort false positives in your SIEM and free your time to focus on triaging legitimate alerts. By cross checking the data with CAL™, and other sources of threat intelligence – tech blogs, OSINT, and premium data feeds – you’ll have the most complete information possible. Plus, bi-directional SIEM integrations allows this information to be passed to and from the SIEM, influencing what triggers an alert in the first place.

ThreatConnect for Security Operations

Streamline Communication
and Collaborate Across Teams

It is possible to reduce security operations workload. With ThreatConnect Playbooks, you can set up workflows to support countless use cases involving technology and humans working together to finish tasks and automate decisions. Set up Playbooks to trigger based on time or a specific action, which allows for extensibility and predictability across your security operations. Then, notify team members in the Platform or where in a tool where they already communicate with multiple integrations, like Slack.

Quicker, More Efficient Onboarding

The faster new team members can be onboarded, the sooner they can be supporting your organization’s security goals. Unfortunately, the most time consuming parts of onboarding a new team member are training on your specific products and processes. ThreatConnect Playbooks enable the automation of many processes, oftentimes not requiring an analyst to spend time in other platforms accessing things they need. And, with a built-in document repository, you can keep all pertinent documentation in one easily accessible place for everyone.