ThreatConnect for
Security Operations

Maximize the Efficiency and Performance of Your SOC Team

With the ThreatConnect Platform, you’re able to centralize your intelligence and automate your processes, delivering multiple benefits and ROI for your business.

ThreatConnect for Security Operations
Automate Initial Triage
Establish Process Consistency
Reduce False Positives
Collaborate Across Teams
Expedite Analyst Onboarding

Maximize Insights and Reduce False Positives

Automatically identify false positives in your SIEM so that the security operations center (SOC) team can focus on triaging legitimate and potentially dangerous alerts. By cross-checking the data with ThreatConnect’s CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer) your team will maximize insights about potential threats. This helps determine where a deeper investigation is needed with customized workflows and playbooks.

Maximize Efficiency
With Consistent and Repeatable

With ThreatConnect Playbooks, you can document SOC processes more efficiently and consistently. Track metrics on completions, time, and dollars saved to demonstrate return on investment and the value of individual Playbooks.

Maximize Team Collaboration

Set up Playbooks to trigger based on time or a specific action, which allows for extensibility and predictability across your security operations. Then, notify SOC team members via the Platform or using one of the many tools they already use, such as Slack.

ThreatConnect for Security Operations

Onboard New Team
Members Faster

The most time-consuming part of onboarding a new team member is training them on your specific products and processes. ThreatConnect enables the automation of many processes, and, with a built-in document repository, all the important documentation is available in one place.

Maximize Efficiency – Automate the Management of Phishing Emails

ThreatConnect allows your team to set up a single centralized mailbox for the reporting of potential phishing emails from all sources. When the mailbox receives a message, the rest of the Playbook is triggered to automate the analysis and response efforts. Reported emails are parsed for indicators which are automatically extracted and correlated against the aggregated threat intelligence within ThreatConnect. Malicious emails identified will trigger an automatic initiation of response efforts.

Faster Response to Reduce Risk

Emails containing malicious indicators can trigger immediate response efforts such as user and administrator notifications, as well as communicating with other technologies within your security ecosystem. False positives can be identified rapidly, and the user will be promptly notified.