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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Wyndham Improves Threat Detection and Response While Scaling Security Operations

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ThreatConnect and Polarity are an analyst force-multiplier for Wyndham’s security and cyber risk teams

The security and risk teams at Wyndham needed a solution that would allow them to improve threat detection and response times, allow them to be more precise and go faster protecting the business, and scale security operations. They chose the combination of ThreatConnect TI Ops and Polarity to be that solution. 

Implementing ThreatConnect TI Ops enabled Wyndham to have a unified source of threat intelligence that when integrated with Polarity gave analysts frictionless, real-time access to high-fidelity threat intelligence along with hundreds of additional data sources. It reduced the number of screens and browser tabs from dozens to a single display of aggregated and correlated contextual data where analysts do their work.

Wyndham’s security teams are able to do more with greater consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness, leading to faster threat detection and response, and improve the communication and collaboration across teams.

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