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Smarter Security – Security Expert Reveals Top Concerns in an Evolving Digital Landscape

Smarter Security Series

In the latest episode, Lara Meadows engages with Incident Response expert Matt Scheurer to delve into the intricacies of cybersecurity threats in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Matt shares his deepest cybersecurity concerns, focusing on the fear of the unknown that plagues today’s security professionals. He highlights the uncertainty in dealing with mergers and acquisitions, the challenges of gaining full visibility into integrated systems, and the risks associated with the increasingly common practice of cloud services quietly expanding a company’s security footprint. Matt provides a candid look at the potential vulnerabilities of systems that may be unwittingly exposed to the internet and the critical need for persistent security measures. Tune in to understand why knowledge is the cornerstone of cybersecurity, how the lack of it can create pivot points for threats, and why maintaining persistence is the first goal of threat actors once access is compromised.