ThreatConnect Browser Extension

Instantaneously scan and identify relevant pieces of information from any web-based resource with a simple click of a button. Quickly understand what you currently know about an Indicator and add it to your threat library to aid in future analysis and investigation efforts.

Quickly Understand What You Know About an Indicator and Add
it to ThreatConnect For Future Analysis

Research and investigation don’t happen in a vacuum. In reality, analysts rely on multiple sources to identify the pieces of the puzzle that make up the complete picture of a particular threat.

With the ThreatConnect Browser Extension, users can scan an online resource for potential Indicators, query ThreatConnect for information about scan results, and import Indicators and Group directly into ThreatConnect from a supported web browser.

The ThreatConnect Browser Extension can scan various online resources for potential Indicators, including static and dynamic webpages, social media platforms, Google Docs files, email messages, and even ThreatConnect itself.

Instantaneously access the insight of ThreatConnect at your fingertips, directly from the web browser you’re working from – fewer clicks means less frustration and quicker results.

Immediately leverage the global context from ThreatConnect CAL™, including classifiers from our analytics, anonymized observations/sightings of IOCs, and trending impressions information.

Quickly import disparate single indicators or batches of unstructured data along with associated source information into ThreatConnect without disrupting their investigative process – simply tag and import as a group when you’re ready.

Increase the value of their threat intelligence program by giving more users access at no additional cost and without the burden of learning and regularly accessing a new system. Align your intelligence and operations team.

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