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Smarter Security Series – The Importance of Cyber Risk Quantification

Introducing ThreatConnect’s Smarter Security Expert Series! We’re interviewing the brightest minds in the cyber industry and getting their expertise on current trends and tips and tricks for a successful modern security team. 

For our first guest, we’re joined by Colin Anderson, CISO at Ceridian and ThreatConnect’s newest Board Advisor! Colin sat down with our GM of Cyber Risk Quantification Products, Jerry Caponera, and shared his expertise on: 

  • Emphasizing the importance of accurately assessing cyber risks
  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of Risk Quantification
  • Addressing the increasing demands of quantifying risk in businesses
  • Tips to correctly approach Cyber Risk Quantification

This video discusses the pivotal role of risk quantification in today’s businesses, particularly for C-suite executives. Colin highlights that risk quantification is the driving focus and prioritization within companies struggling to allocate their limited resources effectively.

Furthermore, he addresses the difficultly in identifying where to invest for the greatest return on investment and provides his analysis on how Risk Quantification (RQ) can provide a structured approach to deal with it.

Watch the video to learn more about the significance of Cyber Risk Quantification:


About Colin:

Colin Anderson is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with over 25 years of experience. He is currently the SVP & CISO of Ceridian, a human resources management software company. He previously was the Global CISO for Levi Straus, and prior to that was the CISO for Safeway. He recently joined ThreatConnect’s board of advisors and is also a board advisor for several other security companies as well as an investor.