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SANS CTI Survey 2024: Managing the Evolving Threat Landscape

SANS CTI Survey 2024: Managing the Evolving Threat Landscape

Unlock Insights into the State of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

It’s not surprising that cyber threats remain top of mind for organizations of all types. The global geopolitical situation is growing increasingly unstable, resulting in more conflicts and hybrid threats. Staying ahead of adversaries and knowing the latest trends is crucial for CTI professionals to effectively and efficiently provide actionable intelligence to their stakeholders. The SANS 2024 CTI Survey provides comprehensive insights into the state of, and strategies, CTI professionals are using to counter today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

Key Insights Covered:

  • Evolution of CTI Discipline: Discover how the field of cyber threat intelligence has transformed over the past year.
  • Adapting to Dynamic Threats: Learn the methods CTI analysts use to keep pace with an ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Technology Enablement: Explore how technologies enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of CTI teams.

Are you responsible for safeguarding your organization against cyber threats? This paper is essential for anyone producing or using threat intelligence and looking for actionable insights to bolster their CTI program.

How to Access the Survey Results:

Ready to elevate your threat intelligence strategy? Simply fill out the form to download the SANS 2024 CTI Survey Results. Gain the knowledge you need to improve your cyber threat intel program now.

For more information or to discuss how ThreatConnect can turn these insights into actionable steps for your team, contact us today.