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Modernize Your Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) Whitepaper

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Today’s cybersecurity professionals face a myriad of challenges, including sophisticated, resourceful, and endlessly innovative adversaries. A security team that is armed with a modern threat intelligence tool can help fix the balance of power between attackers and defenders.  

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is the collection, investigation, and analysis of data about an adversary’s motives, techniques, procedures, and infrastructure. This helps Threat Intelligence Operations teams get a holistic picture of the threats they face – which can then be operationalized to better understand and defend against the adversary during all phases of an attack.

By operationalizing the threat intelligence you collect, your team will be able to:

  • Assess if alerts or events are meaningful based on the broader context provided by a modern threat intel tool
  • Focus their attention on the greatest threats the organization faces
  • Clearly understand who adversaries are targeting and how
  • Act quickly and decisively on threats before they attack

A modern Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can help right the balance of power between attackers and defenders by allowing CTI teams to build, focus, and provide threat intelligence relevant to the business and showing SecOps teams exactly where to apply their efforts to yield maximum results. It serves as a single source of truth that enables security teams, IT leaders, and business decision-makers to understand better the threat and risk landscape that the organization must navigate and introduces Intelligence-Driven Security Operations to your business strategy.

Download our Threat Intelligence Platform TIP whitepaper to learn how the right platform makes operationalizing cyber threat intelligence a game changer for security operations and better enables an organization to detect, understand, and defend against attacks.