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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Fireside Chat Live Panel

Panelists and Moderator on RQ webinar on the executive view of risk quantification

An executive view of how cyber risk has changed cyber security  – for better and worse

Security is not a technical problem – it’s a business one. How can you turn the conversation from technology to business? Have you been looking into how companies are managing and reporting on cyber risk? Or wondering where cyber risk fits into security budgets?

Cyber risk is changing how companies review and manage cyber security.

In our Fireside Chat Live Panel with industry veterans Colin Anderson (CISO, Ceridian) and John Sapp (CISO, Texas Mutual Insurance Company), moderated by Jerry Caponera (General Manager, Cyber Risk Quantification Products, ThreatConnect), we discussed how managing the business of cyber security has changed.

We dove into topics such as reporting to the boards, cyber risk quantification, cyber insurance, prioritizing cyber spend, third party risk, and more.