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Enhance Your Defense with ThreatConnect’s Unified Threat Library

Centralize, Analyze, and Act with Unified Threat Intelligence

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Establish a Single Source of Truth to Operationalize your Threat Intelligence

Leverage the ThreatConnect Platform to ingest real-time data from a wide range of threat intelligence sources into a single repository and automatically aggregate, correlate, enrich, and operationalize the data so your Threat Intel Ops and Security Operations teams get the highest fidelity intelligence to power their decision-making on potential and active threats.

ThreatConnect Advantage:

Solve Threat Intel Big Data Management Challenges
Our robust and extensible data model ingests your structured and unstructured data across disparate tools and normalizes and deduplicates it, breaking the data out into unique indicators and groups based on related behaviors and relationships. View and explore relationships between threat actors, campaigns, incidents, and indicators all in a single Platform.

Prioritize Threats with Report Cards and Native Scoring
Gain real-time insights into intel source quality and insights into indicators with Report Cards. A ThreatAssess score provides a single, actionable score to convey an indicator’s reputation to prioritize threats for investigations, detections, and response efforts, and ThreatConnectCAL™ provides exclusive global insights from the ThreatConnect community on how widespread and relevant a threat is to organizations like yours.

Speed Up Analysis with Built-in Enrichment
Out-of-the-box Enrichment adds relevant context to indicators, including score, Tag, Domain, Country, First and Last seen, etc. Enrichment speeds up analysis by assessing the maliciousness of an indicator and its links and dependencies to other indicators so analysts can perform more efficient and effective investigations.

Upstream Intel Sharing
Share enriched threat intelligence in a standardized way with other groups or associations through a variety of connectivity options including Apps, API, STIX/TAXII, etc. Ingest this information to make fast decisions about the data coming from your SIEM, firewall, EDR, etc., and act fast to mitigate threats.

Share Intel with Customized Reporting
The normalized data with a common structure from your unified Threat Library makes it easy to collaborate and share information on threats with leadership and stakeholders to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions and evangelize the value of threat intelligence in your organization.

How it Works and Outcomes
• Aggregate, normalize, and enrich intelligence from a wide variety of commercial and community sources into a Threat Library, a common source of threat intelligence truth.
• Analyze, prioritize, and produce high-fidelity threat intel with built-in enrichment and indicator scoring powered by CAL™.
• Act on high-fidelity threat intel by disseminating to your threat detection and prevention tools like SIEM, and endpoint, network, and cloud security tools, and stakeholders.
• Share intel in real-time with trusted communities and peers.

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