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ThreatConnect for
Case Management

Case management solutions provide a central location for security analysts and incident responders to record, analyze, and interact with all information related to the case at hand. ThreatConnect® automates data enrichment and case creation for smarter and faster incident response activities.

Make Ticketing Systems Smarter

In response efforts, enriching data presented through ticketing systems is crucial to maximizing the application of threat intelligence. A system of record should automatically populate with any indicators that are related to what initially triggered the case. ThreatConnect’s flexible integration capabilities provided through our REST API and Playbooks allow for integrations with popular ticketing tools like ServiceNow and JIRA.

Create Threat Intelligence
from Cases

Integrating ThreatConnect with your ticketing system or incident response platform allows you to not only enrich cases, but also gives you the ability to generate intelligence from those cases to be added back into ThreatConnect. This leads to a more complete picture and better understanding of your own internal threats. Creating a consistently running feedback loop ensures that you’re squeezing all the intelligence you can from all internal processes and applying it for smarter decision making.