By Use Case

ThreatConnect for
Building a Threat Library

Automatically aggregate, correlate, and operationalize intelligence from multiple sources at scale.

ThreatConnect, Threat Library

Normalize and Improve
the Collection of Intelligence

Normalize intelligence collection to identify, detect, & respond to the specific types of threats that target your organization.

Threat Intel teams can curate and develop a single source of truth (or system of record) for aggregating and normalizing threat intelligence.

In turn, your Security Operations teams can have a trusted intelligence repository to reference when the additional context is necessary during investigations or remediations.

Gain Deeper Insights & Understanding with ThreatAssess and CAL

An immediate understanding of an indicator is imperative during an investigation. With ThreatConnect CAL, gain direct insight into how widespread and relevant a threat is, providing a global context that has never before been available.

Then, with ThreatAssess, leverage a single actionable score to capture and convey indicator reputation and make a decision on what to do next.

All information is automatically applied to relevant pieces of intelligence as your threat library grows.

Make Quicker & More Confident Decisions with Fast
Intelligence Sharing

Reduce the time it takes to get high confidence intelligence to the operations teams for faster decision making with:

And, during investigations, your SOC team can uncover new intelligence that can continue growing your threat library.

Threat intel can guide security operations toward better decisions, and security operations serve as the source of valuable new intelligence.