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for Brand Monitoring

Your brand is your biggest asset. With ThreatConnect®, monitor, analyze, and respond to relevant threats your organization faces, ensuring that not only are you protecting your brand, but your employees and customers as well.

Monitor, Analyze, and Respond to
Relevant Threats from One Platform

ThreatConnect increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your current security investments. Automate relevant indicator enrichment and the notification of any potential threats found via third-party tools (like dark web scanners) all from the ThreatConnect Platform. From there, you can automate notification and response workflows to stay aware and stay ahead.

Gain Insights into the Possible Permutations of Domain Names

The ThreatConnect Domain-Spinning Workbench Spaces App identifies potential domain squats related to an input domain name. The list of domain names the app provides can be used to take preventative measures against potential squats or to take action against actual squats. Also, you can import selected domain names and registrant email addresses into ThreatConnect as indicators for further analysis.