Optimize Your Security Operations with an Intelligence-Driven Approach

Cybersecurity is complex and requires a holistic approach. Unify your teams, processes and technology with a purpose-built platform that centralizes your security operations. ThreatConnect’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution integrates seamlessly with your security tools to become your single source of truth. Powered by high-confidence threat intelligence built directly in, your team is equipped with powerful context to detect and respond efficiently, driving workflows through coordinated automation and orchestration.

Achieve Measurable Results

Get a big picture view of your defensive posture against the evolving threat landscape with key performance indicators such as Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Respond. These report metrics serve as a mechanism to understand the effectiveness of your current tools and processes and help you identify ways to improve them. Amplifying visibility to your security operations helps you show the increased value to the business that an intelligence-driven platform brings.

Make Smarter Decisions with Intelligence-Driven Operations

Intelligence and operations as functions of the security team should be cyclical and symbiotic. Threat intelligence housed in ThreatConnect can influence decisions related to security operations, tactics, and strategy. With robust Integrations and flexible Playbooks, get the maximum amount of value from existing investments by extracting intelligence to better inform future decision making. The ThreatConnect SOAR Platform enables the automation and continuation of this feedback loop throughout your entire security team.

Build a Single Source of Truth for Threat Intel and Processes

ThreatConnect’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform provides a central location to integrate not only your security tools, but all of your security processes. Document those processes within ThreatConnect and identify opportunities to increase efficiency through automation and orchestration. Time gained from the decrease in manual labor required for certain workflows, like validating phishing emails or identifying false positives, can be redistributed for tasks that require more critical thinking skills better suited for the humans on your security team. This is the power of ThreatConnect SOAR.

Decrease Time To Response and Remediation with ThreatConnect SOAR

With increasing volumes of aggressive threats, organizations need to decrease the time it takes to validate potential threats and allow for faster response times. SOC Leaders can quickly understand how their team is performing with multiple types of Case Metrics. By tracking things like MTTR, MTTD, False Positive Ratio, Open Cases, and more, SOC leaders can improve their team’s efficiency and effectiveness over time.

Save time by Automating Manual Tasks with Playbooks

ThreatConnect Playbooks enable automation and orchestration to delegate certain tasks to machines and remove unnecessary human roadblocks. ThreatConnect’s real-time team collaboration functionality helps incident response teams coordinate activities handled by different people, all with varying roles and expertise, to support a cohesive response to a security incident.

Maximize the Amount of Threat Intel Collected
from Day-to-Day Operations

With ThreatConnect’s Workflow feature, you have access to full Case Management from the same Platform where you’re managing your threat intelligence and security processes. As analysts work their way through a case, related Artifacts are automatically pulled out and stored. Intel-type Artifacts, like URLs, Email Addresses or Hosts, are fed back into ThreatConnect to allow for a continuous feedback loop between functions of your security team.

Correlate Critical Intel to Events and Reduce the Risk of Overlooking Insights

ThreatConnect tells you about potential and known associations across threat intelligence and cases to give you an immediate understanding of previous or open investigations related to a piece of threat intelligence you’re investigating and vice versa. Get insight into these relationships and the associated details automatically, before you even need to ask.

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