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ThreatConnect Risk Quantification Report: Healthcare, Manufacturing & Utilities

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A recent IBM report puts the average cost of an attack at $4.35m. However, that average attack figure takes into account a large number of incidents that cost relatively little (less than $25k) and a few that cost a lot. The question is – does the average apply to you?

To answer this question, you must keep three factors in mind:

  • What is the cost to you as a company based on your specific operating environment?
  • What comprises potential losses, and in what timeframe would the payouts occur?
  • How can you prioritize your cyber investments to best mitigate the impact based on financial metrics?

In this new report, ThreatConnect examined thousands of companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, and utility industries and estimated the median hits to their operating incomes after ransomware attacks.

The staggering results point to the need to continuously quantify cyber risk and prioritize investments in monetary terms. Potential losses due to cyber attacks shift on a regular basis based on changes in attack surface, investments in security defenses, and an evolving business landscape. Because of these changes, it’s important to measure enterprise risk on a continuous basis.

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