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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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The Power of Combining Outside-In and Inside-Out Cyber Risk Quantification

ThreatConnect is excited about the partnership with SecurityScorecard for their Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) solution powered by ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier (RQ). Applying ThreatConnect’s statistical and machine learning algorithms to the Security Scorecard data enables customers to easily understand their risk, both external and internal, and more importantly prioritize which factors should be improved based on financial risk reductions. SecurityScorecard’s external perspective combined with ThreatConnect’s inside view is a potent combination.

ThreatConnect is a huge advocate of cyber risk quantification, no surprise there. We believe that organizations need to shift how they perform risk analysis, away from qualitative assessments where risks are prioritized ordinally, to risk analysis that is financially quantifiable. This shift can have a tremendous, positive impact for CISOs allowing them to (1) speak the financial language of the business and executives, and (2) enable decision makers to prioritize risk management investments based on financial value of assets and the risk mitigation activities that will return the greatest investment to the organization. 

When it comes to doing effective CRQ, data is critical. Data about your organization, both internal and external, and data about real-world cyber events. When this complete data is available to models, it becomes more powerful allowing quantitative risk analysis to be automated, putting it in reach of every organization. When internal data (vulnerabilities and exposures, security controls and business critical assets) is combined with external data and perspective about an organization, CRQ becomes a force multiplier for organizations. The combination of SecurityScorecard and ThreatConnect provides a more holistic view of an organizations’ risk posture allowing even more comprehensive analyses to be modeled and financial prioritization of remediation activities.

Click here to learn more about SecurityScorecard’s CRQ solution and read their blog post for more insights into the partnership with ThreatConnect. Check out our solution brief to learn more about our partnership!

To learn more about how to automate cyber risk quantification in your organization using ThreatConnect RQ, click here to request more information or schedule a demo.


Authored by Toby Bussa, VP of Product Marketing and Jerry Caponera, VP of Cyber Risk Strategy

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