What are Playbooks?

Playbooks allow you to automate cybersecurity tasks and connect hundreds of technology solutions together using a drag-and-drop interface. Users are also given the ability to create Playbooks via the ThreatConnect App Builder, a Python development environment built directly into ThreatConnect. Using Triggers (e.g. a new IP address Indicator or a phishing email sent to an inbox) Playbooks pass data to apps which perform a variety of functions, including: data enrichment, malware analysis, and blocking actions. Once enabled, Playbooks run in real time and provide detailed information about each execution.

Automate Cybersecurity Tasks
Seamless Scalability and Improvements
ROI Calculator
How do Playbooks Work?

Intel-driven responses that used to take 10+ steps can now be completed in one. That’s a tenfold decrease in potential errors and a tenfold increase in efficiency! Want to block all IPs tied to an incident? One click. Want to add dozens of fields of enrichment data to an indicator? One click. Want to notify your team of a critical alert? One click.

Automate Nearly Any Cybersecurity Task

  • Choose from ThreatConnect-provided Playbook templates or build your own to automatically run based on specific events.
  • Easily send threat intelligence to any of ThreatConnect’s 100+ integration partners, including firewalls, SIEMs, EDR solutions, and more.
  • Ingest and send data from any tool, including tools not yet integrated with ThreatConnect.

Seamless Scalability and Improvements
in Quality of Service

  • Playbooks can be run concurrently with horizontal scaling provided by Playbook Servers.
  • Ensure high availability by deploying multiple Playbook Servers.
  • Improve quality of service by allocating Private Servers to specific teams or to the most critical Playbooks.
  • Monitor Playbook Servers and Playbook Queue directly from the ThreatConnect User Interface.

Time consuming tasks are reduced from hours to seconds, all while ensuring consistency across your processes.

  • With the ROI Calculator, measure dollars and time saved with ThreatConnect Playbooks for a clear picture into the benefits automation provides. 
  • Apply threat intelligence to processes across the security team to increase the accuracy, confidence, and precision of your decision making.

How do Playbooks Work?

ThreatConnect Playbooks Intelligence Driven Orchestration How it Works Illustration