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Outgrown Your Threat Intelligence Platform?

Have you matured beyond your current Threat Intelligence Platform’s capabilities? It’s time to step up to ThreatConnect, the only platform specifically designed to help both intel producers and consumers operationalize intelligence.

Is your TIP having an Identity Crisis?

At ThreatConnect, we know who we are and we’re 100% focused on threat intelligence.

– Built-In Enrichment: Streamline data gathering and get a comprehensive view of threats.

– Dashboards: View, edit, or create custom views to understand threat data.

-AI-Powered Analytics: Uncover hidden insights and stay ahead of attackers. Learn more about ThreatConnect CAL™.

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You Mature, We Scale

We’ve recently added new capabilities:

– Reporting: Native reporting simplifies the production, sharing, and management of strategic intelligence. Explore TC Reporting.

– Intelligence Requirements: Tailor your intelligence gathering with precise requirements, ensuring you collect the most relevant threat data. See Intelligence Requirements Capability.

– ATT&CK Visualizer: Gain a comprehensive visual representation of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Read top 5 use cases of ATT&CK Visualizer.

Discover New Features

Don’t Be Stuck with an Outdated TIP

ThreatConnect automates your threat intel.

– Operationalize Threat Intel: Seamlessly integrate into your security operations.

– Low-Code Automation: Simplify workflows and automate tasks with ease. See TC Low-Code Automation.

– Efficiency Playbooks: Respond consistently and efficiently to threats.

Automate Your TIP

Stop Wasting Time on False Positives

Our AI-powered enrichment adds context to your threat intelligence, increasing fidelity and saving your analysts from the painstaking task of sifting through false positives.

Operationalize Threat Intelligence

With ThreatConnect, you can do more than just collect threat intelligence. Our Low-Code Automation, integrated Intelligence Requirements, and Playbooks help you actively operationalize threat intel to improve your cyber defenses.

Flexible and Scalable Intelligence

Say goodbye to rigid workflows that don’t scale and don’t allow cross-team collaboration. ThreatConnect offers the flexibility to manage intelligence your way, enabling effective teamwork and scalability.

It’s Time to Step Up to ThreatConnect!