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View all Techniques related to the MITRE Pre-ATT&CK and Enterprise ATT&CK Datasets directly from the ThreatConnect Platform. Perform analysis and drive action using a common language across your technology stack.

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Identify & Correlate Adversarial Techniques
for More Sound Decision Making

Drill down into each Technique to get details mapped directly back to the information provided in the ATT&CK Framework. Applying ATT&CK Tags to threat intelligence enables you to classify, correlate, and derive meaningful conclusions to help you prioritize response and make better decisions.

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Drive Immediate Action
with Playbooks

Incorporating ATT&CK into ThreatConnect Playbooks lets you automate how the framework gets utilized in your workflow. For example, notify your Security Operations team and add indicators to block lists when Incidents associated with Tactics and Techniques relevant to your organization occur. All Playbooks are customizable and meant to flex with your organization and how it responds to threats.

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Expand Application with
Integration Partners

ThreatConnect thrives on its ability to integrate with its many technology partners. Integrate ThreatConnect with partners that also support MITRE ATT&CK to establish a consistent classification system across technology solutions. These partnerships not only help you classify threats but give you the ability to act on them with the context provided by MITRE ATT&CK.

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