MAXIMUM Insights

Threat Intelligence + Risk Context + Security Operational Knowledge

Security teams struggle to prioritize and focus on the activities that really matter because they are overwhelmed by ineffective threat intelligence data, a lack of accurate context, and a disconnect from the goals and risks to the business. By making insights the foundation of your cybersecurity program, you’ll make faster, more specific, and better-informed decisions that are fully aligned to the threat landscape and your business.

Automate Insight Gathering and Sharing

Harness and operationalize  the power of intelligence to drive knowledge and insights on the threats seen in the wild as well as in your own organization.

  • Automate the collection, analysis and dissemination of threat and risk  intel from various  sources – commercial, open source, intel sharing communities.
  • Automatically add context and gain insight to speed-up decision making
  • Integrate recommendations based on Top Security Frameworks

Fuse Threat, Risk and Operational Insights

Only ThreatConnect enables teams to aggregate, enrich, analyze and operationalize threat intelligence and risk insights to prioritize the most relevant threats to the business.

  • Get threat intelligence that is highly relevant, accurate and actionable, minimizing false positives that wastes analyst time and effort
  • Automate the appropriate response to threats based on relevant threat intelligence and risk context
  • Alert, block, and quarantine based on relevant risk and threat intelligence
  • Evolve to Risk-led Security

Focus Operations with Relevancy

Make faster, more confident decisions using  relevant insights on threats and risk to optimize defenses, detection and response.

  • Increase your accuracy, confidence, and precision
  • Understand context and improve over time
  • Use insights to refine and improve workflows and processes as information and context changes