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ThreatConnect for
Technology Companies

Security professionals in technology companies must protect valuable intellectual property and brand integrity. With ThreatConnect®, you can be more efficient and proactive, better anticipate attacks, and work together as a cohesive team to protect your organization.

Anticipate Attacks with
Visibility into Threat Actors

New technology development tends to increase threat activity as groups target intellectual property for domestic competitive advantage. Gain insight into these groups and understand their tactics and techniques with analysis powered by ThreatConnect. Fuel your threat hunting with contextual threat intelligence from an easily navigable platform.

Drive Cohesive Team Strategy
and Processes

With ThreatConnect Playbooks, set up workflows to support countless use cases involving technology and humans working together to finish tasks and automate decisions. Playbooks can be set to trigger based on time or a specific action, which allows for extensibility and predictability across your security operations to keep up with evolving threats.