MAXIMUM Collaboration

Modern Security Operations + Business Alignment

Business and security teams are often misaligned until something goes wrong.The lack of understanding about business goals, risks, and  critical business processes and assets by security teams leads to missed opportunities to align threat intelligence and operational activities to the organization.

ThreatConnect helps teams move beyond the functional mindset to a more aligned approach – unifying efforts, eliminating silos, aligning to business needs and helping to mature security programs.

Share the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk with the Business and Prioritize What Matters the Most

With visibility into the most important assets and costly exposures, security teams can ensure alignment and focus their efforts. Align and focus the entire team around common goals with priority intelligence requirements with tools like browser extension that extend beyond the core users.

Evolve and Grow into Use Cases for Maximum Impact

The ThreatConnect Platform was specifically designed to help organizations understand adversaries, threats and risks, automate workflows, and mitigate threats faster. Because there are organizations at every maturity level, the ThreatConnect Platform will adapt with an organization as its needs evolve.

  • Aligning Business and Security – Quantifying CyberRisk
  • Financially Prioritized Security Initiatives
  • Intelligence Sharing
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Reporting