ThreatConnect for Incident Response

Drive quicker response time with orchestrated workflows and robust integrations. Provide context to cases for relevant intelligence at your fingertips.

Gather Disparate Artifacts Quickly
Provide Context to Ticketing Systems
Orchestrate Process During an Incident
Team-Based Notification System
Centralized Asset Storage

Expedite Artifact Collection
from a Variety of Sources

During incident response efforts there are various places to look to get the relevant information you need to work on a case. Working from one platform, integrations with defensive tools like end point and vulnerability management solutions greatly reduce the time it takes to collect artifacts from various sources.

Provide Context and Enriched Data to your Ticketing System

Enriching data that is presented to incident responders through their ticketing systems is critical to maximizing threat intelligence in response efforts. Any indicators that are related to what initially triggered the case would automatically populate in the IR system of record for easy access. ThreatConnect’s flexible integration capabilities provided through our REST API and Playbooks allow for integrations with popular ticketing tools like ServiceNow and JIRA.

Orchestrate Process During an Incident

When responding to an incident, getting more done quickly is critical. With ThreatConnect Playbooks, you can set up workflows to support countless use cases involving technology and humans working together to finish tasks and automate decisions. Playbooks can be set to trigger based on time or a specific action, allowing for extensibility and predictability across your incident response activities.

Get Instant Updates with a Team-based Notification System

For all stages of incident response, communication is critical. ThreatConnect offers a variety of ways for teams to stay in touch with one another through in-platform features like comments and posts, or through third-party integrations with tools such as Slack.

Centralized Asset Storage for Quick Reference

ThreatConnect can act as a storage repository for assets related to specific cases, as well as serve as a place to document all actions and notes related to cases, artifacts, or evidence in a structured format. This gives your team members access to each other’s notes and provides additional context to what they’re working on when they need it.