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ThreatConnect for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face unique security challenges, from the sensitivity of patient data, to the rigor of compliance requirements. Using ThreatConnect®, analysts and SOC teams can work together more efficiently and effectively to overcome these challenges, to identify threats faster, and automate detection and response.

Real-Time Visibility for Increased Level of Patient and Hospital Security

With Playbooks, map relevant indicators to your organization to instantly alert both humans and other technologies to ensure timely response. Also, ThreatConnect’s CAL™ crowdsources intelligence data seen by healthcare organizations, helping you better understand which IOCs are most relevant to you.

Simplify Security with Automated Detection
and Response

Increase analyst efficiency and focus efforts with bi-directional SIEM integrations to decrease the amount of false positives your team sees. Document and automate team processes with Playbooks, making response efforts both repeatable and trackable.

Integrate with Industry Specific Solutions to Foster Collaboration

Ingest and share threat intelligence across organizations with ThreatConnect’s flexible ecosystem. Take action and make the most of resources provided by NH-ISAC and other industry groups with a Platform designed to determine relevance.