By Industry

ThreatConnect for
Financial Services

Using ThreatConnect, security professionals in financial services are better able to identify threats targeting the financial sector, automate detection for faster response, and leverage insights from FS-ISAC to protect the assets of individuals and corporations.

Keep Up to Date on Threats Targeting the Financial Sector

See industry specific threats targeting financial services organizations and quickly pivot to gain more information on those specific threats and threat actors. Correlate indicators with your other investments to proactively block potential threats.

Automate Analysis and Detection
for Quicker Response

Using ThreatConnect, you can ease the pain that comes with the reporting and initial analysis of phishing emails with an automated and intuitive workflow. Focus on validated threats with bi-directional integrations to make your SIEM smarter.

Leverage FS-ISAC Intelligence
through an Intuitive Interface

FS-ISAC provides real-time alert feeds to its members to foster a spirit of collaboration and data sharing. ThreatConnect ingests these feeds and allows you to analyze and act on information you find pertinent.